Home Medicines Review ( HMR)

A Home Medicines Review helps you understand your medicines. A Home Medicines Review helps you, your doctor and pharmacist to get the best results from your medicines.

Home Medicines Review benefit consumers who

  • want to learn more about their medicines
  • are confused or worried abour their medicines
  • take more than 5 medicines a day
  • forget to take their medicines
  • are unsure for how long to keep taking a medicine
  • are unsure when is the best time to take a medicine
  • has started a new medicine or has had medicine changes
  • takes prescription medicines and over the counter medicines
  • has recently been in hospital.

Ainslie Pharmacy has accredited HMR pharmacists who can do this review for you. Home Medicines Review provides an opportunity for you to discuss your medicines in the privacy of your home.

The pharmacist visit usually lasts about half an hour. The results from the review are discussed with your doctor. If you feel you require a HMR please ask your doctor for one. HMRs are provided free of charge to consumers.


Please contact Ainslie Pharmacy for further information.

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